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Znackz Freeze Dried Candy

Znackz Freeze Dried Candy

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Znackz Freeze Dried Candy is a locally owned brother and sister company right out of New Port Richey, Fl. We make all our candy and snacks by first freezing, then dehydrating them below -150° leaving them with the same taste you know and love, but with a completely new texture and more enhanced flavor. When we first bought our freeze drying machine we had no intent of starting a business with it but after experimenting with different foods and techniques, and giving friends and family some products, we found that the uniqueness of the snacks such as skittles and jolly ranchers brought a smile to everyone's faces. This is why we decided to go all in and start our own business to spread this new type of snack to more people. Being a young new business owner (19), trying new things and experimenting are passions of mine and that is what my sister, and I tried to capture when starting Znackz. We utilize planets, galaxy's and bright colors to express our creative side and let that shine through our products and hopefully our customers as well !🪐
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