Collection: Friends and Family

Mythos believes that every community survives by supporting and investing in the local community.  Mom and Pop Businesses, local crafters, Cottage Foods, Local Woodworkers, Designers, Tailors and Seamstresses are the heart and soul of community and the nerve center of every thriving and growing society.  Mythos at Gulf View Square Mall and everywhere it is established, will always support and assist in any way possible to bring awareness to these hidden talents that exist right at our front doors and are over-shadowed by the big box stores and corporate America.  

Gulf View Square Mall, like the vendors on this page is the crown jewel of Pasco County and the ONLY Mall on the US-19 corridor spanning from North Pasco to South Pasco and beyond.  The many merchants, eateries, Management and Staff of the Mall are proud to host events at The Mall and beyond, promoting the local businesses and talent and continue to grow together.  We, as a team, as family and friends challenge the community to support the growth of the local area.

Invest Local, Grow Local! #gulfviewsquaremall That is our motto, that is our guide to grow together and through this growth become the destination of Tampa Bay.

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