Collection: BLOWHAMMER Hoodies and Joggers

Blowhammer was born in 2013 from an idea of the Sinigaglia brothers and literally means “hammer blow”. The goal is to celebrate the universal language of art, far from stereotypes and trends. Each garment is the expression of a unique style, inspired by underground culture, street art, gaming, music and all those elements that together form the constellation of influences behind its original, unrepeatable and 100% made in Italy designs. After rejecting the logic of fast fashion, the digital native brand builds its own eco-innovative model by adopting a just-in-time production system that allows an annual reduction of 30% of emissions of CO2 and water waste, as well as the elimination of the unsold, which is not thus sent to landfills or burned in incinerators. Furthermore, the installation of activated carbon filters allowed to reduce emissions during printing by an additional 70%. Over the years there have been many sustainable positions of the company and they continue today with the continuous search for alternative methods of production and recycling more efficient, but above all green. Through its garments, Blowhammer transmits a clear message to the world: unlimited freedom of expression, the desire to break the mold, ethical and sustainable production.

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