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VERYRARE Surrealist Series [Cargo]

VERYRARE Surrealist Series [Cargo]

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Design by Raf Reyes: Trapped in a prison-like universe, a young woman is akin to wearable art. Her golden hair shines amid the dullness. The world lacks color and vibrancy, resisting her every step. Wide-eyed, she searches for an escape, her beauty overshadowed by this colorless existence. Yet, her unwavering spirit fuels determination. Amidst the prison bars, she seeks hope, dreaming of freedom and vibrant landscapes. Through resilience, she aims to create a masterpiece, infusing the world with color and freedom. This represents the power of VR and the Very Rare brand. She believes in achieving her vision. Very Rare™ - always...

Materials: heavyweight 350gsm premium cotton polyester mix blend/strand fabric.


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