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VERYRARE Red Dragon Jacquard Crewneck

VERYRARE Red Dragon Jacquard Crewneck

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Design by Raf Reyes: [RR]®® in R. Reyes' anime and manga series captivates global audiences. It possesses extraordinary magical abilities, making it a formidable foe. Its striking appearance, pale skin, and piercing eyes add allure and danger. Beyond being fearsome, [RR]®® symbolizes the intricate world of VERYRARE artwear. The series explores power, destiny, and the delicate balance between light and dark. [RR]®® embodies these concepts, reminding us of the ambiguity between good and evil. This captivates VR®R®® enthusiasts, making [RR]®® a beloved character.

Materials: 14gg birdseye jacquard knit (composition: 50% viscose, 30% polyester, 20% nylon).


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