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Very Rare Restless Revenant Limited Edition

Very Rare Restless Revenant Limited Edition

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LIMITED EDITION and comes with certificate of authenticity (included in photos)

Design by Raf Reyes: as is the case with *many* mythological creatures, the origins of VRARE's 'Restless Revenant//Undead Army Soldier' are unknown. It is believed that the earliest version of the 'nZombe/Zombi' was unearthed by Haitian voodoo, found also all the way down in Congo, and South Africa. Such undead corporeal revenants (created through the reanimation of a corpse), have had their consciences completely destroyed in the process. Unpleasant when gun-toting gatlings, they're amenable to their boss's every whim! It was supposed to be a mere "scientific accident" (or so they said...)

Made in France


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