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'Pull My Pork' - Bbq Apron

'Pull My Pork' - Bbq Apron

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A Modern Masterpiece - For The Discerning Gentleman or Lady. Need a quality BBQ apron that will make waves at the family reunion. You got it. Ever seen an apron with 2 Custom Beer Pockets strong enough to load up two tallboys on either hip!!? Didn't think so. 100% Cotton Canvas - Not Flammable Junk This apron is 100% Cotton Canvas--not that cheap polyester many of these aprons are made of these days. FULLY LOADED with Pockets and Loops 5x Tool Pockets to store BBQ stuff: spatulas, BBQ forks, Grill tongs, knives, lighters, your cellphone, cigarettes, lighter fluid, your beeper, contraband etc... 4x Tool Loops for hanging BBQ tools: spatulas, pokers, skewers, keys, hand-cuffs, whatever. One-Size Fits All - Even 5-Plate Johnny. A quality gag gift for that special someone who mans the grill!


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