Collection: CHANOUR Jewlery


Chanour Altu who designs most of the Chanour Collection is started his fashion jewelry journey in Istanbul, Turkey in 2005. He got inspired from his uncle who was a master designer and creator of hand made exclusive costume jewelry. Chanour started working in his uncles unique hand made jewelry studio and educated himself in making and designing costume jewelry from different metals such as Silver, Pewter, Copper, Brass etc.. In 2010 he decided to move in to United States. At the beginning he sold his Artistic, unique jewelry in the streets of Soho, NYC. 2 years after he opened Chanour Jewelry and he only focused on designing and wholesale. Since then he never stopped creating new collections, designing of hand made high quality fashion jewelry and always looking forward to bring his passion to the next level.  His distinct taste of this high end fashion jewelry has captivated fashionistas all over the world and highly revered by solialites that want to stand out and make a statement.

All of the jewelry is handmade in Turkey.

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